i have to pee.

sleepy and chilly as can be. i've spent part of the period trying to convince people that shaking wildly which looks like convulsing really does make you warm. promise. my feet are freezing, and no alyson, i'm not even wearing my chucks.

i forgot to mention the other day that i had a dream that dealt with vampires. vampires are sexy, but these ones were fuckin weird and scary.

come to my school tonight and see me dance. 4 dollars. tonight and tomorrow night for a winter show... dixie jazz is playing. damnit.. around...7? yes.

i have a meeting with my boss on friday about my defiance with hugging people.

i love my rorobear. *muuuuah!*

oh yeah, and naralie (nathalie)... come to school! yeah, thats right, i said it.
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    i wear my sunglasses at night...