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beautyawards's Journal

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<font . color="000000"><font . size="3"><b>Beauty Awards has been asleep for quite awhile so I need your help to bring it back to how it used to be!I need judges, and people that can help me with the award icons.</b><font . size="-1">

<font color="ff3000"><font . face="Arial"><B>::Beauty Awards Rules::</b>

<font color="000000"><B>1.</b> This is just for fun, so don't freak out and be bitter if you don't win.
<font color="000000"><b>2.</b> You can vote for one person once.Any other votes will be disqualified.
<font color="000000"><b>3.</b> Do <b>not</b> take peoples awards and put them on your own site.You'll be kicked out of the community if you do.
<font color="000000"><b>4.</b> Only LiveJournal users can be nominated.
<font color="000000"><b>5.</b> Members can only vote on the days of Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
<font color="000000"><b>6.</b> If you're going to post pictures you <b>must</b> use a lj cut!
<b>7.</b> <B>No negative comments</b>
<b>8.</b> You <b>must</b> have a picture of the person you're nominating.
<b>9.</b>Have fun.
<b>10.</b>Remember this is just for fun.You dont have to be "gorgeous" to be nominated.Everyone is beautiful!

Please comment in my journal if you have any questions about <lj comm="beautyawards">

<font color="ff3000"><b>::The Awards::</b> <font color="000000">

Best eyes
Natural Beauty
Best Smile
Best Fashion Sense
Best Body
Weirdest Fashion Sense
Best lips
Best abs
Best hair color
Most dramatic look
Most innocent
Best hair

<font color="000000">Those are all the catergories I have right now.If you have any suggestions please comment in my journal

<font color="000000">Every Saturday morning or afternoon winners will be posted on this site.<font color="ff3000">

<B>::The Judges::</b>

<lj user="kills">
<lj user="cecidi">
<lj user="xstoopidblondex">
<lj user="wingedlament">
<lj user="stacerz">
<lj user="lickitysplit">

<font color="000000">If anyone has any ideas on new catergories or wants to make new award icons feel free to post your input or icons.
<font color="000000"><b>Again,</b> I can not stress this enough.This is just for fun.If you lose, just nominate yourself next time.Otherwise..have fun! :P

<font color="ff3000"><b>Sister Community:</b> <lj user="ljawards">

Maintainer <b>v</b>
<a href="http://kills.livejournal.com"><img src="http://www.boomspeed.com/prownstar1/acc1.jpg" width=150></a>

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